Our Dental Services

Gentle & comfortable care

Your comfort is our main concern and we provide many ways for you to relax while getting treatment. You won’t see any scary needles and you can be assured you’ll never feel a shot. We use The Wand® computer-regulated anesthesia delivery to make sure of that.

We work with our patients at their pace and if you need specialist dental work there is no need to go elsewhere as you can get it taken care of in the comfort of our practice.

To keep you relaxed we offer stereo headphones, temperature controlled chairs, special optical protection for bright lights, and pillows; and if needed, a reassuring dental assistant to hold your hand! For major dental work or for those who request it, we offer oral sedation and IV sedation.

Helping you get the dental work you need

We know that dental work can be a strain on the finances and we do everything we can to help you get the work you need. We take most insurance and file the paperwork as well as work out how to best maximize your benefits. We offer no-interest financing and easy payment plans. We also work with you by splitting up your dental work into logical phases, taking the most important to be handled first.

From the moment you walk into our practice you will receive friendly help.