Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full-mouth makeovers with experienced Prosthodontist

Full-Mouth Reconstruction in El Cajon

Badly broken down or missing teeth don’t have to be lived with and don’t have to be either painful or very costly to fix. Focuses on giving people back full functionality and beauty to their smile using the latest in technology, making the experience efficient and comfortable.

With full-mouth reconstruction all of a patient’s teeth are restored to health or replaced. This makeover not only creates a beautiful, healthy smile, it enhances the person’s overall facial appearance. A bright, straight and healthy smile is in itself rejuvenating, and when the bite is improved, and a full set of teeth are present to support the lower face, it can also act as a facelift.

There are many factors to look out for when recreating a healthy mouth for a patient. looks at the overall picture and takes into account:

  • Gum health
  • Amount of bone available for dental implants
  • The current bite and how the bite will change with the new teeth
  • Color and shape of the teeth
  • Form of the smile
  • Gum line of the new smile

Complimentary Makeover Consultation

The first step for any patient is a consultation. This is a very comprehensive consultation to gets the basic information needed to formulate a treatment plan with several options, and to discuss the patient’s goals and answer any questions.

  • Comprehensive oral exam
  • Consultation with Dr
  • Explains full-mouth procedure and answers any questions
  • Creation of study models
Procedure uses in full-mouth reconstruction

When you come to Rancho San Diego Dental you have the advantage of being treated by three experts who come together to plan your full-mouth reconstruction and to give you the best possible treatment.

A full-mouth reconstruction generally includes a combination of dental implants, implant-supported bridges and sometimes implant-supported dentures.

Smile Makeover Video