Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic Dentistry procedures can help you achieve the look you want

Caring for your teeth isn’t just about maintaining good oral health; it’s also about nurturing a sense of self-confidence. When you’re uncomfortable with the appearance of your smile, it can be detrimental to your self-esteem and damaging to your overall well-being. You deserve to smile with confidence.

Rancho San Diego Dental Group offers a variety of cosmetic dentistry services that are aimed at improving the appearance of teeth that have suffered damage, decay, staining, discoloration, and other concerns. We can help you achieve the kind of healthy, beautiful smile that you can feel proud of.

When Is a Procedure Considered Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry involves any procedure or treatment designed to improve the appearance of your smile rather than its function. Some dental procedures, like dental implants or crowns, can achieve both goals at the same time. But the procedures focused solely on aesthetic purposes are considered cosmetic.

Our Cosmetic Dentist Services

At Rancho San Diego Dental Group, we can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted in a variety of ways. Our cosmetic dental services range from simple teeth whitening all the way to a full smile makeover.


Veneers are one of the most common procedures that a cosmetic dentist might offer. The procedure involves fitting thin, tooth-like shells over the front-facing teeth in order to address minor cosmetic issues, such as:

  • Small chips
  • Minor misalignment
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Small gaps
  • Discoloration

Veneers can be made from porcelain, ceramic, or composite resin.

Minimal-Prep Veneers

While the traditional dental veneer required your cosmetic dentist to remove a layer of your teeth so that the shells could fit properly onto them, advances in technology have allowed for a type of veneer that mainly uses enamel reshaping, requiring little to no enamel to be removed.

Minimal-prep veneers can often be removed if the patient chooses and make transforming your smile simpler, easier, and more comfortable than ever before.

Smile Makeover

Sometimes, it’s not just one single issue that you would like your cosmetic dentist to address, but rather a combination of concerns that add up to a smile you are dissatisfied with.

For those cases, we offer a smile makeover. A smile makeover combines a variety of procedures that all work together to help address the things about your smile that make you feel self-conscious.

What Issues Does a Smile Makeover Address?

A smile makeover will address issues involving the teeth, whether they’re stained, uneven, misshapen, misaligned, or missing. However, cosmetic dentists are sometimes also asked to address other aspects of the smile, such as the gumline.

When an ample amount of the gumline shows when smiling, it’s called a gummy smile, or excessive gingival display. Cosmetic dentists can address gummy smiles in their smile makeover procedures with the help of laser technology, which not only speeds up the process, but also accelerates recovery.

Zoom! Whitening

There are many foods and drinks that people consume every day that can lead to staining and discoloration of the teeth. Whether it’s beverages like coffee, wine, tea, and dark-colored sodas, or foods like tomato sauce, soy sauce, and dark berries, it can be hard to avoid everything that can threaten your smile.

There are other tooth-staining factors as well, like smoking or chewing tobacco, certain medications, or simply getting older. For any of these sources of tooth discoloration, cosmetic dentists can help.

How Cosmetic Dentists Address Staining and Discoloration

In many instances, this staining or discoloration of the teeth can be addressed by your cosmetic dentist with a simple, non-invasive teeth whitening procedure. Teeth whitening involves the use of a bleaching agent, which is applied to the teeth to brighten their color evenly and remove stains.

At Rancho San Diego Dental Group, we offer Zoom! whitening, which can be performed either in the office using laser technology or with an at-home whitening system that we prescribe and then instruct you on how to use.

Teeth Straightening/Invisalign

While dental veneers are capable of addressing some forms of misalignment, there are instances where the misalignment is too significant, and other treatments will be necessary. In these instances, you will also need the services of an orthodontist.

At Rancho San Diego Dental Group, that orthodontist is Dr. Patricia Campillo.

Clear Aligners Can Improve Your Smile

Dr. Patricia Campillo can help you get the straight and symmetrical smile you’ve always wanted with the help of clear aligners. Clear aligners are a discreet but effective teeth-straightening system that is probably best known by the brand name Invisalign; however, there are a variety of other great clear aligner options available.

When you’re looking to achieve a healthy, beautiful smile, but you’ve got orthodontic issues that need to be addressed first, we can get you there. And with clear aligners, you won’t have to deal with the unwanted attention or discomfort that traditional braces are known for.

Snap-On Smile

One of the newer innovative smile-saving treatments that your cosmetic dentist can offer is the Snap-On Smile. This simple treatment is more or less a removable veneer.

It’s a thin set of natural-looking resin teeth that can be popped on and off at your leisure. Not only is it quick and painless to receive a Snap-On Smile, but it’s also a lot more affordable than many other cosmetic dental services.

Snap-On Smile can be a temporary solution if you want to maintain a beautiful smile while you’re waiting to have a more complex cosmetic dental procedure, but it can also be a permanent solution.

Laser Dentistry

The field of dentistry has advanced greatly in recent years, thanks to innovative new techniques and the creation of cutting-edge dental technology. Much of that technology involves the use of dental lasers. Dental lasers offer greater precision for a faster and more effective procedure that requires less discomfort and less recovery time.

Rancho San Diego Dental Group uses dental laser technology in many of our procedures, such as to treat gummy smiles and speed up the process of teeth whitening, as well as to reduce discomfort and accelerate healing during cold sore removal.