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Patient Testimonials

Kathy Gurling Patient Testimonials

Snap-On Smile® and fear of the dentist

Kathy is a homemaker in Lemon Grove. She benefited from Snap-On Smile®.

“First! I must say I HATE COMING TO THE DENTIST!!! With that said, my experience here has been a good one. They are calming with me and let me calm down outside while I wait to be called.

“I’ve been coming here a long time, but without funds to pay for all the treatment I would like, I’ve had to take a longer time. Then one day in February, I was told about the snap on smile. The cost was affordable for me. I love them. I can bite food again. I LOVE IT!!!”

— Kathy G.

Brittany Patient Testimonials

“Over time, after having worn braces for four years, my teeth and bite began to shift again. I wanted to fix my smile without going through the process of braces again. Dr. Sachdeva suggested Invisalign. Not only did Invisalign straighten my teeth and fix my bite, it improved it more than braces had. Dr. Sachdeva and the friendly staff helped make every visit a comfortable and enjoyable experience.”
— Brittany

Kyle Posey Patient Testimonials

General Dental Care, Braces and Extractions

Kyle started coming to Rancho San Diego Dental as a child and has received treatment typical for a young person.

“All of my procedures have been quick and painless. I have even almost fallen asleep in the chair. Not only is this due to the skill of the dentist and technicians, but also the latest technology in the field that Rancho San Diego Dental always seems to get their hands on.

“The always-friendly staff is probably what made me comfortable coming to the dentists as a kid. Even the receptionists know me by name and can remember what’s going on since my last visit. They always have the latest equipment to make my experience more comfortable and less like a trip to the dentist.

“If you look at my mouth, you would not be able to tell I’ve had any work done, including my several fillings.”

— Kyle P.

Brittany Patient Testimonials

“I had not been to the dentist for a little while and wanted a checkup for maintenance and to brighten my smile. I had my teeth whitened and fillings done. The results were great!

“Dr. Papworth immediately made me feel so comfortable and at ease. He took the time to understand my concerns, which I really appreciated. He is always very gentle and extremely thorough. I felt like things were done right. Now my smile is both healthier and brighter as a result!

“I highly recommend him!”

— Megan

Janet Deal Patient Testimonials

Invisalign® Treatment

Janet is a teacher from Spring Valley. Her upper teeth were out of alignment and she chose to straighten them with Invisalign.

“I loved how quick and easy the entire Invisalign process was. The entire Rancho San Diego Dental staff made every appointment quick, easy and painless. They are professional and very friendly. I look forward to each dental visit.

“In just 7 months, I completed the Invisalign process and was fitted with retainers to wear only at night. I was so pleased with the results and received lots of compliments on my teeth and smile. While wearing the Invisalign trays, I never had anyone even notice that I was wearing them. They truly are invisible! Rancho San Diego Dental made the entire process such a wonderful experience and I am thrilled with my results. I now have a great smile and healthy teeth and gums.”

— Janet D.

Brittany Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Sachdeva is a great dentist. I had some cavities that were bothering me and Dr. Sachdeva took care of them.

“I liked how gentle and patient Dr. Sachdeva was because I have very sensitive teeth. I like also how professional he is, and he is also always really friendly!

“The office is very clean and staff were very friendly and welcoming. Overall, I was really happy with my treatment and everyone and I met!”

— Jamie

tia wilson Patient Testimonials

General Dental Care

Tia is a high-school student.

“The treatments I have received here at my dental office have left my teeth feeling fresh and brand new. The dentists here are always so kind and friendly. My treatments have led me to take better care of my mouth and teeth. I see positive changes in my smile.

“Everyone who works here greets me with a smile on their face and makes me feel more like family than a patient.”

— Tia W.

tom morris Patient Testimonials

Restorative work – Implants, Bridges and Crowns

Dr. Tom Morris is a Professor of International Business Studies at the University of San Diego. He chose UC San Diego for its nice people and San Diego’s great weather. He is now semi-retired and gets a chance to indulge in golfing!

“I like the personal interest and concern all the dentists show, and the full explanations of alternatives and specific recommendations. The office has a nice, natural and relaxed environment and the people are very friendly and professional.

“They have latest equipment and procedures – now also full service with implants and periodontal care. The work is beautiful. They are all specialists and know what they are doing.

“I get lots of comments on my “beautiful smile” teeth and smile. My crowns and implants are 100% serviceable with no problems.

“The procedure went great. I love my new teeth and they look and feel just like natural permanent teeth”

— Dr. Tom M.

gary ivarson Patient Testimonials

Dental Implants, Crowns, Whitening, Bite Trays

Before coming to Rancho San Diego Dental, project manger Gary Ivarson had many old and degraded amalgam fillings and several teeth with root problems, as well as failing bridgework.

“The entire Rancho San Diego Dental experience is very pleasing. The atmosphere is friendly and engaging. The staff is very competent. I like their use of lasers for minor surgical procedures. In fact, I like their use of technology in every facet of the practice from video cameras and monitors in the procedure rooms to electronically controlled injections, and to their use of modern and stable materials.

“I now have healthier gums, a better, more confident bite and a whiter, nicer smile!”

— Gary I.

Ronald Rowe Patient Testimonials

Gum Treatment, Root Canals

Ronald has been coming to Rancho San Diego Dental for some years. As he says, the condition of his teeth before coming was “not good.”
“I like the honest and friendly staff. The cost was low. I liked the way they explained everything. The benefits are I look better, I feel better and I’m in less pain!”
— Ronald R.

april ivarson Patient Testimonials

Whitening, Orthodontic Trays, Onlays

April came with her husband, Gary, on one of his appointments, and stayed!

“I decided to make Rancho San Diego Dental my dentist because of the warm greeting I received from the office staff. The feeling of the office when I first walked in was one that made me feel comfortable and at ease and very welcome, not take a number and sit down.

“The staff has been very cheerful and they explained the procedure, which for me was extremely helpful and helped me be relaxed as in years past I had some unhappy experiences with other offices.

“It no longer hurts to chew my meals. My jaw doesn’t hurt anymore and I’m happy with my smile now.”

— April I.

robert bechtelheimer Patient Testimonials

Dental Implants

Dottie, Robert’s wife was coming to Rancho San Diego Dental so when Robert needed treatment he came here.
“I like the friendly atmosphere and the fact that the group is always available to see me for emergency and normal treatment. I now feel comfortable to show my pretty smile.”
— Robert B.

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Periodontic (Gum Disease) Treatment Testimonials

ikea wilson Patient Testimonials


Ikea is a high-school student. Along with general care, she received a frenectomy, the removal of a small fold of tissue that prevents movement in the mouth.
“The treatment was great, the dentist was always nice and always checked to see if I had any questions. Pain free dentistry and very comfortable atmosphere. The frenectomy helped relieve the tightness of my gums.”
— Ikea W.

“At every step they exhibited kindness, compassion and a comforting professionalism. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

— T. H.

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Video Testimonials

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