Dental Implant Procedure

Minimally invasive and precise implant placement

Dental Implant Procedure

With recent breakthroughs in implant technology, we can provide dental implants to more people than ever, often just using local anesthesia. Our doctors specialize in the placement of dental implants and beautiful natural teeth to complete the restoration.

We use our 3D Cone Beam CT imaging system to get a 3D 360º view of the patient’s head and jaw area, giving us the ability to perform precise planning.

Our approach to Dental Implants

Our approach is to ensure lifelong dental implants by making sure there is a healthy bone and tissue foundation created before or during the implant treatment. We use 3D x-rays (cone beam CT scan) to ensure safety in our planning and precise placement of our implants.

We commonly place implants at the same times as a tooth is removed so that healing time is minimal. We are also able to do teeth in a day in many situations. Our practice uses a combination of traditional surgery, high technology and lasers to deliver exceptional results.

Your first step—Complimentary Implant Consultation

If you have missing or broken-down teeth, and are considering dental implants, your first step is a complimentary implant consultation.

One of our dental implant specialists will conduct a comprehensive consultation in which they will get the basic information needed to formulate a treatment plan with several options, and to discuss the patient’s goals and answer any questions.

Implant planning

We preplan the implant shape, size and placement ahead of time. Using the 3D images captured by the 3D x-rays, we can measure the bone, position of the sinus, nerves, gum, etc. All the important anatomy is accounted for and we can make the implant the perfect size—length and diameter.

We plan the treatment ahead of time with special 3D software, study models and wax-ups.

When it is time to do the actual implant placement, we know exactly where to place the implant, eliminating a lot of cutting and limiting the procedure to drilling in the exact position delineated.

All of this equals a greater than 98% success rate of the implant fully taking and being stable and successful.

Faster-healing implants

Dental implant technology is constantly evolving and improving. At Rancho San Diego Dental Group in El Cajon, California, we are constantly testing new materials and techniques to make sure we are providing the highest level of patient care.

With these advances in technology, controlled drilling, and extensive pre-planning, we are able to place dental implants that integrate faster with the bone, are stronger, last longer, all while decreasing healing time.

Implant placement

Surgery day is made comfortable for you, with blankets and pillows, and a reassuring hand from one of the trained and sympathetic dental assistants.

Many procedures can be completed with just local anesthesia. For longer procedures, you have the option of oral or IV sedation, delivered by our expert dentists.

As needed, we use surgical guides for even more precise placement of the implant.

Augmenting the bone

When people have had missing teeth or gum disease over an extensive period of time, there can be bone loss. This can mean there is not enough bone in which to place the dental implant. In these cases, we graft bone to stimulate new bone growth.

In most cases the bone grafting can be done at the same time as the implant placement.

For fast and minimally invasive treatment, we can use surgical guides.

New Teeth in One Day

In many cases we can place the new teeth in one day using a special procedure. You’ll walk out with fixed teeth on the same day, and in 3-6 months you get your final high-quality implant-supported dentures.

Treatment Options

Dental implant can be used in a variety of ways. Click on a link to learn more.