Implant-Supported Dentures that don’t slip

22 Apr

In recent years technology has advanced tremendously concerning the stability and functionality of dentures. Although the dentures themselves are essentially the same, there are now revolutionary ways of stabilizing them in your mouth so they function very much more like regular teeth and not as uncomfortable substitutes.

If you are in need of dentures or are already a denture wearer, this technology is well worth knowing. Being able to take advantage of it could save you a lot of headaches normally associated with having to have dentures.

Standard dentures are made in the shape of your dental arch and are fitted over your arch to act as a row of teeth. To keep them snugly in place, various adhesives are normally used. This is uncomfortable and not terribly workable, as the denture tends to slip out of place anyway when the pressure on it is great.

The denture also rubs against and irritates the underlying gums. This can be quite painful and even lead to infection. Additionally, a standard denture only provides a small percentage of normal chewing and biting power, which prevents you from being able to eat an awful lot of healthy foods without having to mash them up or blend them into a liquid.

Another little-known difficulty with the usual denture is the factor of jaw bone loss in the arch supporting the teeth. Bone loss already occurs naturally when there are no teeth in place to stimulate the underlying bone. That stimulation is necessary to keep the bone regenerating and maintain your dental arch jawbone at the proper height and thickness.

The pressure you put on the supporting jaw bone via your dentures actually accelerates this bone loss, making the matter even worse. This jawbone loss is why the dentures do not fit after a while and need to be adjusted or even remade. The standard denture just makes it occur more frequently.

They are better than having no teeth at all. But they are an uncomfortable, minimally functional substitute at best.

But with this technology that is still new to many, the denture can be anchored on your jaw in such a way that it does not slip, its biting and chewing power is significantly enhanced, and pressure placed on the denture actually preserves bone.

What accomplishes this? Dental implants. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root made out of biocompatible material (such as titanium or a ceramic) that is placed in your dental arch and acts as both a supporting foundation and anchoring point for the denture. Several of these implants placed at strategic locations in your arch literally form a stable platform on which the dentures can be stabilized and supported.

Do you want to have dentures that will allow you to speak, eat and smile with almost the same ease and effectiveness as when you had all your teeth? If yes, you would be very wise to investigate how you can receive properly placed dental implants and build that support structure. With implant-supported dentures your comfort, function and overall health will be greatly enhanced.

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