28 Aug

Self-care guidelines following root canal treatment

Sometimes, teeth are damaged or infected. When this happens, something has to be done. One such procedure that is utilized in these instances is a root canal, which repairs or saves the injured tooth. The procedure itself involves the removal of the affected areas (the pulp), a thorough cleaning, and filling and resealing the area.

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30 Apr
Denture Stabilization in El Cajon

How to Adjust Faster to New Dentures

Whether you need partial or full dentures to complete your smile after tooth loss, the truth is that they are not your natural teeth and they will take some getting used to. Dentures are one of several possible solutions to tooth loss, along with fixed bridgework and dental implants, just for example. In some cases,

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2 Feb

Whiten Your Teeth

Everybody wants nice, healthy, bright white teeth right? Probably one of the most common dental actions these days is to do teeth whitening. There are in-home and in-office techniques, and both types work very well. The most common in-office technique is called Zoom!® WhiteSpeed. With this one, Zoom! has created a device that is placed

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20 Jan

How Invisible Braces Work

There are 2 major types of invisible teeth straightening systems, Invisalign® and ClearCorrect™. Both systems use what are called “Aligners” in order to straighten teeth. These are clear, comfortable custom-fit plastic trays that fit closely over your teeth. They perform in a similar manner to typical braces in that they are moving your teeth by

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